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Founded by Heather McPherson, LMFT, AASECT Certified Sex Therapist
Respark is a confidential, all-inclusive, sex-positive couples and psychotherapy practice serving Denver Colorado

About Respark Denver

If you're struggling with your relationships, sexuality or life transitions, we can help. As the founder of Respark, Heather McPherson is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Supervisor (LMFT-S), a Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor (LPC-S) and an AASECT Certified Sex Therapist. Respark has several associates that provide high quality sex therapy, couples therapy and individual counseling.

Our clients typically have concerns related to communication, relationship conflicts, career or transition issues, desire discrepancy, sexual orientation, sexual dysfunction or dissatisfaction, polyamorous/open relationships, "sex addiction" or problematic sexual behaviors, infidelity or affairs, sexless marriages and trauma.

Together, we help you gain confidence, rebuild trust, increase playfulness, and find passion and meaning in relationships and your life. Individuals, couples, partnerships and marriages are all welcome; as Respark was founded upon creating a confidential and safe environment that is accepting and inclusive of all orientations, lifestyles, beliefs and relationship practices.


Couples Therapy

Do you want to be more connected to your partner? Are you tired of fighting or feeling stuck? We have experience helping individuals and couples improve their intimacy, strengthen communication skills, and enhance their partnership. As an AASECT Certified Sex Therapist, I have the unique ability to integrate multiple specialized trainings into therapy. Together we can resolve conflicts and light the fire by learning practical tools that will stick.

If you are on the quest for erotic vitality, missing the connection and playfulness with your partner or simply wanting to regain your lust for life, Respark can help.

Contact us with the inquiry form below or email resparktherapy@gmail.com


Sex Therapy

One of my joys in this work is helping couples decode their sex life. Sexuality is often wrapped up in past generational messages, politics and religion.I encourage and support you as we tease apart the messages we have all received from numerous sources and work towards having the sex you want. As an AASECT Certified Sex Therapist, we will work toward improving intimacy, strengthening communication skills, and communicating your desires. Being able to express your desires while also understanding your partner's sexuality and wishes can be transcendent.

Topics include:
-Increasing intimacy, passion or romance
-Desire discrepancy (one partner wanting more sex)
-Trauma: past or present
-Couples who want to explore inhibitions
-Increasing communication in and out of the bedroom
-Guilt, anxiety and/or difficulty with arousal or relaxing
-Exploration around sexual orientation or gender identity



Sex-positive and Affirming Therapy for Denver. For those that consider themselves non-traditional, or living outside the lines, we welcome you to Respark. We are experienced and knowledgeable of all expressions of sexuality including: Open Relationships, Polyamory, Swingers, Kink or BDSM, LGBTQQIA (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Questioning, Intersex, Asexual).

We offer trainings to therapists to help them become more kink friendly or poly friendly as well through Sexual Health Alliance. We are certified in Non-monogamy and Polyamory and have organized trainings from the world experts on all these issues.

Alternative sexuality might not be the sole focus of therapy, but you still want a knowledgeable therapist. Expertise includes:
-Difficulty discussing sexual topics with your partner
-Family of Origin issues including abuse, neglect, trauma
-Shame or confidence issues
-Identity questions or sexual development exploration


Our Details

Respark Therapy is a boutique group therapy practice serving Denver Colorado and Austin Texas.

Specific information about our Austin private practice can be found at www.respark.co.

Heather McPherson

I believe real-life experiences deeply influences our work as a therapist. Heather has explored and played in 15+ countries and counting, which has provided her with valuable experiences and knowledge. She has also endured the high pressures of the corporate world, cross-country moves, anxiety over layoffs, exploration of sexuality, struggling to keep intimacy alive in a long term relationship, and career changes, which all contribute greatly to her ability to relate to others. After receiving her B.A. in Business from Texas State University, Heather worked as a Sales Supervisor for Wyndham Worldwide and later moved to southern California and worked in the marketing and advertising industry. After a career change, Heather received her Master’s degree and furthered her training in couples and sex therapy. Heather has been in a committed relationship since the summer of 2000 and has been married to her lovely husband since 2006. She is lucky to be able to be in both Denver, Colorado and Austin, Texas and enjoy reading, skiing, traveling and other adventures with her husband and 2 Dachshunds. She is incredibly thankful and grateful to her life partner and husband for being supportive and willing to accompany her on this great journey.

Heather is Founder and CEO of the Sexual Health Alliance. The organization brings much-needed continuing education about sexuality to mental health professionals, doctors, and the public. For more information visit www.sexualhealthalliance.com.

Individual therapy session (50 minutes): $175
Couples/Family therapy session (50 minutes): $200
Respark Associates have fees ranging from $125-135 per hour. Check out Respark's Associates below.

Speaking Engagements and Media
Heather has been a guest lecturer at several universities, including the University of Denver, The University of Texas at Austin, Texas State University, and others.
Keynote Speaker for the 2019 Annual Conference for the Colorado Counseling Association in Denver
Featured Speaker at Nerd Nite #189 in Austin. Check out the video here
Undressing the Spirit podcast. Check out the video here
Published in December 2016 Playboy article
Published in California Association of Marriage and Family Therapy "CAMFT" article
Co-facilitated Thunder in the Mountains with Neil Cannon, PhD in July 2016
Presented at Austin Chapter of the Association for Marriage & Family Therapy on Ethical Non-Monogamy
Presented at Association for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Issues in Counseling Annual Conference on 'LGBTQ Ethical Non-Monogamy'
'Issues for Your Tissues' Podcast Interview

Conferences organized by Heather McPherson, LPC-S, LMFT-S, CST with her organization, Sexual Health Alliance
The Science of Fantasy and Desire with Dr. Justin Lehmiller in Seattle, WA, May 2019
Rebel Love by Dr. Chris Donaghue in Austin, TX, April 2019
Modern Sexuality with Dr. David Ley in Dallas, TX, April 2019
Sexual Attitude Reassessment - Private Training in Denver, CO, August 2019
The Science of Fantasy and Desire with Dr. Justin Lehmiller and Midori in Denver, Colorado, November, 2018
Somatic Sex Therapy with Dr. Chris Donaghue, October 2018
Monogamish: 31 Flavors of Ethical Non-Monogamy with Dr. David Ley & Dr. Elizabeth Sheff - March 2018
The Sweet Spot: Advanced Skills in Pleasure with Charlie Glickman – November 2017
The Tantra Informed Practitioner with Dr. Sally Valentine – May 2017
Consultation Group w/ Doug Braun-Harvey on Sexual Health and OCSB (Out-of-Control Sexual Behavior) – January 2017
Cutting Edges of Alternative Sexualities in Therapy with Dr. Richard Sprott & Dr. Anna Randall – December 2016
Sex Outside the Lines: Liberating Sex from Culture, Psychology and Normativity w. Dr. Chris Donaghue - October 2016
12-Hour Sexual Attitude Reassessment for AASECT Certification w/ Dr. Sara Nasserzadeh – August 2016
Come As You Are: Secrets from the Science of Female Sexuality w/ Emily Nagoski – May 2016
Sexual Intelligence: Innovative Approaches to Sexual “Function” & Satisfaction with Dr. Marty Klein – February 2016
Porn: What You Need to Know with Dr. David Ley: December 2015
Awesome Anal Sex Workshop w/ Charlie Glickman – November 2017
Private consultation groups with Dr. Marty Klein and Dr. David Ley
Private consultation groups with Dr. Neil Cannon and Douglas Braun-Harvey

Workshops and Trainings
Annual AASECT 3-day Sex Therapy Conference, Denver, CO - June 2018
AASECT Annual Conference, Las Vegas, NV - June 2017
AASECT Annual Conference in San Juan, Puerto Rico – June 2016
AASECT Annual Conference in Minneapolis, MN: June 2015
Contemporary Relationships 2-Day Conference in Austin, TX: May 2015
When Your Man Wants Sex w/ Other Men & He’s Straight! Say What?! With Derek Leighton: January 2015
Working with Transgender clients, May 30, 2015
Exploring the Triple Flame: Attachment, Intimacy & Sexuality with Esther Perel: November 2014
Volunteer Domestic Violence Training at National Domestic Violence Hotline: January – March 2012
Gottman Couples Therapy Level One Professional Training with Dr. Vagdevi Meunier: 2010
American Counseling Association Annual Conference in New Orleans, LA, March 2010

Master of Arts, Professional Counseling with emphasis in Marriage, Couple & Family Therapy at Texas State University-San Marcos
CACREP Accredited Program | Graduated Summa Cum Laude
AASECT Certified Sex Therapist
Level One Certified in Non-Monogamous and Polyamorous Relationships through Sexual Health Alliance
The Gottman Relationship Institute | Level One Certification
Bachelor of Business Administration, Marketing at Texas State University-San Marcos | Graduated Cum Laude

Respark Associates

respark associate mckenna

McKenna Paulsen

McKenna is a Licensed Professional Counselor Candidate at Respark Denver. At her core, she is a sex positive therapist with an interest in both couples and individual therapy.
She's in the process of completing her Sex Therapy Certification through the Sexual Health Alliance.
McKenna's bio, credentials and an interview describing her therapeutic approach, interests and passions can be found here.


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Respark is a boutique group therapy practice in Denver Colorado and Austin Texas.
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